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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We have answers.

  • How Does Your Service Work?
    We utilize fiberoptic network and line-of-site radio technologies to deliver our high-speed services to you from one of our many tower sites. We also are using a variety of other technlogys to give you the very best service.
  • Do You Have Hidden Fees?
    We have no hidden fees! The Terms of Service are clear and precise.
  • What Are Your Speed Guarantees?
    We guarantee 100% of your contracted speed. To be honest usually we give you even more!
  • Do I Need My Own Router?
    YES, Inquire with us for basic router suggestions. Routers are required and routers are highly recommended for the security they provide. Customers can purchase your own or purchase one from Internet 3.14.
  • Is Your Service Good For Gaming?
    YES. The low latency and no data (Gigabyte) caps with Internet 3.14 service works great for gaming. We are backed by Level 3! One of the strongest networks in north america.
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